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We are a husband & wife photography + film team based in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Our love story started when we met at church; Brandon was the youth minister and I was a volunteer. We became inseparable best friends for about 8 months. Then one day he looked at me and said, "Can I take you on a first date? I have been wanting to kiss you forever but it wouldn't be right unless that kiss started with a first date."

A year later, Brandon proposed and 10 months following our engagement we got married (before Pinterest existed). I was a graphic designer who was a bit dangerous with a camera, and Brandon was a youth minister + hobby photographer (he adored photography).

If you would have asked us, “do you see yourselves ever being wedding photographers?” the day after our wedding we would have said, “in our wildest dreams” giggled a bit and thought nothing of it. But God had other plans and boy did He spin us 360 degrees.

I was 


embracing life's 

wild adventures

we LIVE tiny

we are minimalist

Up until November 2017, we were located downtown Dahlonega with a 2000 sq foot home + an attached 300 sq foot studio... but inside, our souls were calling for simplicity. So we took a leap of faith and bought a tiny home on lots of land, followed by a lot of donating and giving away of stuff. It's our dream come true. We have plenty of land for a self sustaining garden, chickens and a small pond. Each day we awake we thank God for all His blessings on our lives. Going small and simple, making more time for prayer, has made us feel like the riches people on earth. From our home we  bond with clients via a virtual wedding consultation so our couples can enjoy the convenience of their own home too. We also love to host the Grand Reveal of Wedding Documentation at our home over good wine and amazing homegrown food!  Here is a little peek at our new tiny house! 

It's our dream come true. We have plenty of land for a self sustaining garden, chickens and a small pond. Very soon we plan on building a new "tiny studio" that will be next to our tiny home. But, till then we are bonding with clients one of two ways, meeting them in our new little home filled with lots of joy for a "Wine + Cheese + Chocolates" wedding consultation or via Skype so our couples can enjoy the convenience of their own home. Here is a little peek at our new tiny house! 

we started our married life together with a 3000 sq foot house. then we down-sized to 2000 sq feet. and now... we own an adorable a-frame home at 620 sq feet nestled on an open field of green grassy hillside + a view of the north georgia mountains and the national foRest as our backyard.  

Check out our Instagram @hornpd for more photos of our home and to connect with us on a more personal level!  

There are no words that can fully appreciate how incredible these individuals are...meaning as a team they are absolute PERFECTION! We could not be more pleased. Not only are they a blast to be around, but they are so personable and pay so much attention to detail. We would use them over and over and over and over. They truly care and they are THE BOMB. 

they are absolute PERFECTION!"

"As a team

Drew + Lauren
Buckhead Georgia

It doesn't get better than this team. Both Michelle and Brandon love what they do. Not only are they strong in their faith, they also are a strong team!

We did engagement pictures and wedding pictures with them. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE who has seen them absolutely love them! From the wine/cheese consultation to the brunch/dinner final meeting to view your wedding photos, every single thing is thought out with pure love. If I could've hired Michelle as a wedding planner, I would've...she kept checking in on me as we got closer to our wedding date to make sure we were doing well.

I can go on and on....but every bride needs to seriously consider this husband/wife team.

with pure love."

"Every single thing is thought out

JuRiel + Iche
Ball Ground Georgia

Michelle and Brandon are hands down the BEST duo photography team there is! They photographed our wedding and the turn around time of pictures was so quick. But more importantly, their work is top notch! Their editing, ideas and overall experience was just wonderful.

And... you would not believe the compliments we have gotten from photos they shared on social media. We can not thank them enough for spending our special day with us.

absolute amazing team!"

"You guys are an

Tyson + Stacey
Atlanta Georgia

Brandon and Michelle Horn are truly amazing to work with. They are such fun, kind-hearted people, and that translates into the photographs they take. You can tell that they truly have a passion for what they do and that they care about each other. They have a unique way of capturing special moments and candids and have a very personal approach to the way they work with couples. They take the time to get to know you and your partner, your story, and your vision. They even brought an emergency kit for our wedding day equipped with bandaids, a mini sewing kit, etc. and it came in handy! They are so thoughtful and wonderful. I recommend them for any occasion!

thoughtful and wonderful"

"They are so

Matt + Ally
Roswell Georgia

Their love for what they do shines through in their work and how much they care about each couple they work with. Our first consultation was at their home studio where we sat and told our story and learned about their passion for capturing others love stories. We booked our engagement session with them and they were stunning, they made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and drove to the location in Talking Rock, GA that we held close to our hearts. As we neared the wedding working out all of the details with the Horn's was so easy, they know what they are doing and made us feel at ease that every special moment of our wedding was captured. They add special touches to every interaction from sending a date night package a couple weeks before the wedding to bringing me a wedding survival kit for the day of. During the wedding day Michelle and Brandon captured it ALL! The detail shots, family, friends, food, flowers, and they even displayed photos from the day of on a beautiful screen in the reception area and the guests loved seeing the still shots of the day. 

"every special moment

was captured."

Travis + Amanda
Roswell Georgia

Brandon & Michelle are THE BEST!!! From their generous acts/gifts to their Christ-like personalities, they made us feel so great in our first meeting and while we were on the intimidating side of the camera! The day of the wedding was flawless because of their eagerness to help! Their shots are FABULOUS and I'm so thankful we chose them! They made my dreams come true with the photos they took! PLEASE BOOK THEM! You won't be disappointed. It is by far the best money I've ever spent!!!
Thank you a million times over!!!!!


"Their shots are

Brent + Whitney
Carrollton Georgia

I am a type A personality who loves to laugh, smile and be silly. I take notes, make lists + timelines, then I review my list and timelines like 110 times, I pack a day or two before a trip and my mind is always going.

However, I have been blessed with the ability - once all is planned -
to let go and roll with the punches. I have an uncanny ability to "flex" with the unexpected and make quick decisions to ensure all runs beautifully.    

I LOVE a challenge and I constantly challenge my creativity through photography, filming, blogging and design. 

I also like to challenge my mind, body and spirit. I am a workout fanatic, book nerd and Christian.  I put my trust in Christ. 


I am a chocoholic. But, a picky one. I love organic 70% dark chocolate. Add in some sea salt, coconut or ginger and I can't stop! You had me at Chocolate. 

My gray hair is all natural. A few years ago I stopped dying my hair and began to embrace the aging process. I believe aging is beautiful and tells the story of one's life well lived. 

Also my hair is naturally curly + big and I lovingly refer to it as "The Beast!". 

• Authentic 
• Genuine
• Gentle
• Strong
• Loving 
• Kind
• Sweet
• Open
These are all traits I chase after each and every day. 

michelle horn

tiny tidbits about 

I am an extreme extrovert who recharges with prayer and when surrounded by fun loving good people. I truly believe everyone is a good person (even to a fault). Light heartedness tends to surround me and I find humor in everyday life. I tell way too many stories, dance with my wife even after the music stops and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors.  

I LOVE BREAD! I also make homemade bread, my wife says it tastes amazing, but she may be bias. 

But seriously I love Jesus and I am a son of the One True King.  

Speaking of ginger, I come from a family of 5 redheads so I know every redhead joke you got.  When my beard is fully grown out I pretty much look like I have a lion's mane on my face, and it rocks!

Woodworking and whiskey are what I enjoy on my days off. Having the gift to create something with my hands has been such a blessing for me + my family. Together with my wife we have built our own tear drop trailer. I have hand crafted tables, bars, kitchen counter tops, head boards, chairs, lights, coat racks, wine racks you name it I will try and build it.   

I don't like to quit. I work on something until it is complete.  Then I like to kick back and rest in Christ.

tiny tidbits about 

brandon horn

we strive to...

live Simply. Be Thankful. share love. laugh often. dream big. 

live Simply.
Be Thankful.
share love.
laugh often.
dream big. 


a happy marriage + A DeepER Love

together as a couple we


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We can't wait to 


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live Simply. Be Thankful. share love. laugh often. dream big. 

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THE Horn instagram

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